Nordic News | March 2019

Headed back to basics this month, investing in cozy community experiences and channeling our inner Hygge lover.

Looking to take down a bottle of wine and dish with friends about what you’ve got coming up this week? Grab your crew and come by for Tipsy Tuesday – 50% off bottles of wine every Tuesday. 

We’re grabbing our neighbors, Goat Patch Brewing Co and putting on a 5 course dinner that is the perfect setting to celebrate that big win you just snagged. Successes are best served with 5 course dinner and local craft beer.

February’s Untranslatable Nordic Word You’ll Love:

Mysa – This Swedish word sort of means snuggle. However, the difference you can do it with someone, alone, or even in a cafe – maybe ‘to coszy up’ is more apt – think of mysa with a book and a hot cup of tea.

Spreadin’ the love like we spread the butter on that Rugbrod Rye!
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Spring Beer Dinner

Spring Beer Dinner with Goat Patch Brewing

Celebrate the changing seasons and the RETURN of Goat Patch Brewing Company's Pappy Legba.

Spring Beer Dinner benefiting The Men’s Xchange
Sunday, March 24th, 6PM
$59 + Tax & Service
to RSVP Call SMØRBRØD at 719-634-2727

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