Nordic News

Springs Magazine: Where We’re Eating Now: New Restaurants

This Scandinavian eatery, located at Lincoln Center next door to Goat Patch Brewing, is the most recent restaurant by Chef Jay Gust, and features smørbrøds, which are open-faced sandwiches on rugbrod rye bread. Smørbrød sources its bread from neighboring bakery Nightingale Bread, and the menu features 20 Nordic inspired smørbrød sandwiches. Order the Lilehammer, with […]

CS Indy: Smørbrød to offer Nordic cuisine

Smørbrød to offer Nordic cuisine in the Lincoln Center something like swallowing while saying the word “purple,” so Gust and staff will pronounce it “schmurr-broad,” which is close. And it’s set to open in early June, likely the 8th or 9th. The name-granting dish is a Danish open-faced sandwich made on rugbrød, a dense rye […]

The Gazette gets their Smorbrod on!

Colorado Springs has new place to enjoy Scandinavian sandwiches Fans of Scandinavian foods and traditions now have a year-round destination in Colorado Springs to get that Nordic fix. It’s Smørbrød, 2727 N. Cascade Ave. in the Lincoln Center, Jay Gust’s most recent addition to a restaurant family that includes Tapateria and Pizzeria Rustica in Old […]

Smorbrod In the CS Independent

Smørbrød holds press preview, opens in Lincoln Center TAPAteria/Pizzeria Rustica owner Jay Gust’s new Nordic digs, Smørbrød, will soon open in the Lincoln Center. On June 6 and 7, they’ll have reservation-only seating, before a general opening on Friday, June 8. Recently, Gust and his team invited a few Indy staffers to take part in a press preview […]

Smorbrod Grand Opening

Swing by and check it out! We officially open to the public on June 8. We’re located within Lincoln Center, a refurbished elementary school in the Old North End of Colorado Springs. The grand opening will include a complimentary (COCKTAIL HERE) or soft drink for all attendees – come one in and get your smorbrod on!


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